Ernie Lijoi

Digital Technologist / Web Developer

Composer / Lyricist / Actor / Singer

That Thing Known as "Me" (pictured left)

With over 20 years in software development, starting back in .com boom with desktop application development, I have been evolving along with the landscape of technologies into the current culture of rapid development for a variety of platforms at a variety of depths. My experience in advertisement firms in NYC as developer, tech lead, quality assurance manager and wearing a variety of other hats gave me a unique set of experiences technical coding coding to client pitches and has given me a unique perspective on the practical employment of the digital space.

When not working on client projects in the technology space, I am busy composing music, acting on stage, performing solo concerts, and filling the infinite void of spacetime with other forms of prattling from my brain.

Small Business Sites

Whatever your digital needs, there is always a solution. I can work within your budget to create something that is the most cost effective and efficient product to meet your personal or business needs.

Simple brochure sites, responsive sites, e-commerce, CMSs, database design, my experience crosses a lot of development boundaries. Using open source tools such as HTML5, CSS, javascript, jquery, Twitter Bootstrap, php, MySQL databse, Wordpress and a variety of others, combined with my experience in information architecture, UX design and quality assurance, I can build you a sensible site that suits your specific needs.

The best results come from collaborative effort. Planning is key. Knowing your audience, crafting your mission and honing your tone to develop a set of requirements and a simple design to meet them is essential.

The days of elaborate and flashy websites that are more about showing off the technology than they are about clearly communicating a message are over. Clean simple solutions that your audience responds to, and, in turn, responds to your audience, with an instinctively traversable architecture are what count.

The steps are: Planning, Design, Development, Launch and Maintenance. I can help you at any point along the way.

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Music and Lyrics...

Music Available Online

Ernie recorded three CDs: Parody Romantic, Bliss, and lastly, Better Days. The third, Better Days, was chosen by Billboard Magazine as "Unsigned Artist Album of the Year" when it was released. The CD's are no longer sold individually, instead, a compilation of the best songs from all three CDs have been curated and that collection titled "The Best of Ernie Lijoi" and is now available on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon.

Songs and Demos

Jazz / Blues / Pop

Better Days
Dance with the Devil
Deceived Again
Dancing inthe Rain
The Sweet Side of Goodbye
4AM On Bourbon Street


A Perfect Story
This Year Went By So Fast
I Remember You
Traveling the World*
The Right Kind of Home
Turning to Stone
How Was England


Invade Me
The Alphabet Song
I Don't Think
Your Will
On My Face
House and Home
*Music by Kevin laursen

Treading the Boards...

Ernie had two songs int he recent Broadway hit "It Shoulda Been You" directed by David Hyde Pierce and starring Tyne Daly. That show is now making the regional rounds. His show Under the Influence had its world premiere in Portland in 2015 and was nominated for four Drammy awards taking home two, one for Best Original Score and one for Best Male Lead for Brian Demar Jones. He is currently playing Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar at Post 5 Theater in Sellwood until August 20th, 2016. He is an alumni of the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theater Workshop in NYC and his musical Monsters has been performed in numourous theaters. He has had choral music sung by many notable choruses. Last year his new song Merry Everything was performed by the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus and is being picked up by numerous choruses for the 2016 holiday season.

Music and Lyrics...

It Shoulda Been You
Opening on Broadway at the Brooks Atkinson Theater in April of 2015 starring Tyne Daly and directed by David Hyde Pierce, music by Barbara Anselmi, Ernie penned the lyrics for two numbers in this musical about modern definitions of love, family and marriage.
Under the Influence
Under the Influence, had its world premiere in 2015 for the Outwright Festival in Portland Oregon directed by Rusty Tennent. It was nominated for four Drammy awards taking home two, one for BEst Original Score and one for Best Male Lead in a Musical.
Monsters, written by Gail Phaneuf and Ernie lijoi, premiered in Boston at the Boston Center for the Arts in 2007 and has had many producitons in various theaters since. It is the hilarious story of a woman turning 40, who decides to face her demons. But her demons come to life and fight back.


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